Governance As a Charter System

The change in the Taliaferro County School System’s governance structure will be steady and intentional. Participants will be clear about their roles and will be provided appropriate training in order to perform their duties as school governance committee members. The initial structure will be the existing school board and leadership structure with additional members added based on need. By-laws will be drafted and approved as time passes while training topics will be identified and scheduled. The entire process will be transparent and available for the public to review. All meeting agendas and minutes will be posted on the school website and available in paper form, when requested.

The goal of the school governance committee will be to support our school in a way that provides a greater opportunity to genuinely and positively impact student achievement. There will be a review process established with a rubric developed by the staff so that everything can be monitored to ensure effectiveness. This will be a standards-based rubric to help guide the work of the governance team in the appropriate direction for our school community.

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Charter System Foundation

Georgia Department of Education Charter Division


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