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I am a graduate of North Georgia College and State University for my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. I am also a graduate of UGA for my graduate degree in Health and Physical Education. I completed my course work for the Broad field Science Certificate at Valdosta State University. I have been teaching since 2000.

1st Block
2nd Block
3rd Block
4th Block
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Project Based Learning
Environmental Science
Milestones Test Prep Materials

This is the link to Quizlet for practice with the vocabulary throughout the entire question.



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Study of life


Students study all concepts in living organisms, their structures, functions, as well as their classifications.


Hopping Into Life

Study of atoms and matter
Environmental Science.
This is a focused study of humans and the environment.
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Study of the Human Body
Physical Science

Introduction to Chemistry and Physics


Students are beginning their study of chemistry and physics. So this means that first semester they will study chemistry concepts and atoms and matter and second semester they will study the physics concepts of force, motion, and energy.

Atomic Model

Atomic Models are cool!

Study of Forces and Energy